Taoist Alchemical Medicine

The Bird Physician

The Bird Physician

Training and Treatment: The 7 Dragons and 13 Ghost Points.
"An Apprenticeship with Antiquity"

These treatments reach levels of obstruction responsible for chronic and/or severe distress in the resonance of the body, mind, spirit. All teaching is in active treatment and will be done in the group as well as one-on-one.

Training in these protocols is an immersion in alchemical practice, the cultivation of virtue. Training in these more hidden disciplines and principles invites the practitioner into an internal process of self awareness as well as the mysteries of life beyond conventional belief systems. The footprints of the immortals are found in many ancient esoteric paths to truth.

  • Disciplines of 'to See', 'to Hear', 'to Ask' and 'to Feel'.

  • To accurately diagnose and treat such obstruction & other disturbances of the mind and spirit, freeing a person

  • Restoring the authentic movement of the spirits, the root of life

  • Restoring the true qi of both patient and practitioner

  • To ethically and maturely follow the movement of the wild magic

  • Rooting in the Spirits (Ben Shen): to participate more consciously in the miracle of Heaven/Earth

What are these protocols and how do we become instruments of them? You learn to live and work responsibly inside of the treatment. You learn how to learn. You train in diagnosing the need for the treatment as well as careful follow-up.  These treatments work in the very fabric of a person, both patient and practitioner, the sacred structure of the central axis.  The ethic of the physician is paramount to its effectiveness and potency. 

This is advanced training, requiring maturity and focus. Days include lecture and treatment as well as reflective writing. 
Patients come through the private practices of practitioners studying at The Virtue of HeavenEarth.  

If you are interested in learning more about these protocols please contact Laura directly by EMAIL.

Laura has published 3 Videos on The Song of 7 Dragons (Internal and External). To view these please CLICK HERE


January 11-12 Whitefield (Observation)
February 16  Whitefield (Observation)
March 1-2   part of Maine Clinical Intensive (Whitefield)
March 30  Whitefield
April 5  Whitefield
May 11-12 Whitefield
July 12-13 Whitefield
July 22  Whitefield
October 8  Whitefield (Observation)

**To support the commitment and length of study required, a smaller per diem tuition fee will be charged for those "Dragon Days" that are in addition to the Maine Clinical Intensives. $50/day for teachings and observation. Practitioners are responsible for collecting the patient's full treatment fee. 


April 20-22  part of  Vermont Clinical Intensive (Montpelier)
July 28-30  Putney
November 23-24  part of  Vermont Clinical Intensive (Montpelier)


September 30-October 2 (Sante Fe)
October 3-6 (Silver City)

TIMES:  9am -11pm

CONTACT INFORMATION: (any question regarding these days)

For Maine and New Mexico:  Noah EMAIL or phone: 207.594.9211
For Monpelier: Taylore EMAIL or phone: 802.223.0303
For Putney: Sarah  EMAIL or PHONE the VHE office