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The Bird Physician

The Bird Physician


Teaching Clinics simultaneously train physicians and treat patients. The disciplines of diagnosis and treatment are taught alongside the study and application of classical texts of Taoist Medicine. This training accelerates the development of each physician. Clinics are 2-6 days. Practitioners (with or without patients) come for some or all of the intensive. Teaching Clinics offer patient consultations for any practitioner who seeks assistance with a patient.  Some patients also arrive by personal referral.

These practices have been preserved through time by teachers in small schools of this tradition, the direct transmission between teacher and student. We train acupuncturists, physicians to become finer and deeper instruments of the Tao. Training in alchemical practice, the Art of the Heart, reaches toward the call of service deep within the physician's heart. Through 5 Element Acupuncture and ancient alchemical protocols we work at the pivot of Heaven/Earth.  

Our focus is on practitioner training in traditional skills of diagnosis and treatment.  

  • Accurate diagnosis of the CF (causative factor of disease) and CSOE (The 4 primary means of diagnosis: Color, Odor, Sound and Emotion)

  • Treatment planning, point location, pulse reading, spirits of the points, working with the seasons and times of day

  • Intimacy between physician and patient, the only means by which the spirits can be reached and followed, to mature and restore the sanctity of the patient/practitioner relationship

  • Assistance with individual patients: to reach the depth of the imbalance and the potential inherent in each life

  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment of major obstructions to the free circulation and communication of the spirits

  • Skills: needling, moxibustion, to see, hear, feel and to ask

  • Breaking habits/establishing disciplines: the art of reflection

  • Practice management and the ethics of medicine.

Teaching is currently located in Maine, Vermont and NYC. Should a practitioner choose to organize 2-6 days in her/his local area, additional clinics will be organized. 



MAINE:  Clinical Consultation Days


  • February 26-28 (3 day Clinic) Rockland
    (2 Dragon Days follow)

  • November 11-12 (2 days) Whitefield
    (Following Dragon Day & 2 CF Workshop Days)

LOCATION: Rockland & Whitefield
CONTACT: Noah Stelmok  EMAIL or  PHONE
For info about housing for the week, please contact Noah. We have some inexpensive housing options with local practitioners.

MONTPELIER VERMONT:  Clinical Consultation Days


  • April 16-18 (3 day Clinic)
    (Workshop Day and Dragon Days follow)

  • November 19-21 (3 day Clinic)
    (Workshop Day and Dragon Days follow)

LOCATION: Montpelier
CONTACT: Taylore Grymonnt  

For info about housing for the week, please contact Taylore. We have some inexpensive housing options with local practitioners.



PUTNEY VERMONT:  Clinical Consultation Days


  • August 8-9
    (2 Dragon Days follow)

LOCATION: Sword Hands Acupuncture & Qi Gong ~ 133 Main St. (located in the Gleanery building)
CONTACT:  Sarah Laplante  EMAIL or PHONE our office.

For info about housing for the week, please contact Sarah. We have local housing options.

NEW YORK CITY:  Clinical Consultation Days

  • June 4-6

  • October 9-11

LOCATION:  308 West 30th St. New York NY
CONTACT:  Noah Stelmok  EMAIL  or  PHONE   



  • Practitioners bringing patients for consultations will participate in the teaching clinic for a minimum of 1 full day.

  • Practitioners bringing patients pay tuition for teaching and oversight of patient treatment.

  • We do our very best to accommodate scheduling needs for your patients.

  • Please let your patients know that there will be occasional circumstance when a treatment will run longer than planned. This could mean some delay in the treatment beginning or running a bit longer. If the patient has no flexibility in her/his schedule, the practitioner is to inform Laura or Noah Stelmok at the beginning of the day. We work with respect to scheduled times as closely as possible.

  • The Teaching Clinic is kept vital by participating practitioners. The teaching is to train and inspire excellence in practitioners and to provide exceptional service for all patients. Some patients will utilize the treatment services of the teaching clinic over time for cultivation and work that reaches toward potential and/or work with chronic illness.

  • We have a 48 hour treatment cancellation policy. Except in cases of true emergency, fees will be charged for missed appointments. Practitioners are responsible to communicate this to their patients and to secure missed appointment fees.