Practice Visits

The Bird Physician

The Bird Physician


Practice Visits are an accelerated way for an acupuncturist to increase your diagnostic and treatment skills as well as deepen the treatment to many of your patients.  All teaching and clinical work is in your practice, with your patients. To be able to diagnose and treat with assurance, as well as to be certain that any deep obstruction to treatment is clear, allows your learning with each patient over time to exponentially increase. 

Laura will visit your practice for 2-5 days. You, the hosting practitioner are free to also organize shadowing for local practitioners to enhance the clinical teaching as well as make it more affordable for you and/or your patients.

You will be treating your patients under supervision with feedback. There is a strong emphasis in developing your ability to accurately diagnose CF (Causative Factor) as well as to craft treatments to walk forward with your patients. You will be taught in point location, needling and moxa, the journey of the qi in each channel and intimacy in the 5 energetics. As a living tradition that is passed hand-to-hand, the teaching brings accuracy and depth to the treatment each patient receives. 

For more information and everything you might need to know about this, please click here for the Practice Visit PDF.

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